About us

What is our social aim?

The association’s purpose is to allow the practice, to enable the teaching and to promote any body or body-mind practice that enables a better and harmonious of the person in his or her globality.

The association is particularly interested in energy based approaches and into the ones which enable a coordination of mind and body. This concerns amongst others Ki Aikido, Aikido and its derivatives, Focusing, Yoga, meditation, embodiment and Argentine Tango.

Elle peut accomplir tous les actes se rapportant directement ou indirectement à son but. Elle peut notamment prêter son concours et s’intéresser à toute activité similaire à son but.

What is our social object ?

The association’s objects are:

  • to organise practice groups, workshops, seminars, meetings, conferences or any other activities
  • to give courses, workshops and trainings
  • to participate to meetings, conferences or other events
  • to create brochures or presentation documents
  • to offer a web site, a portal for its members and an internet presence