Embodiment Lab

The ‘Embodiment Lab’ is an experiential practice group during which approaches of body awareness and somatic intelligence derived out of Aikido are used. We are working with the BIM approach developed by Paul Linden (Being in Movement), the Conscious/Leadership Embodiment exercises proposed by Wendy Palmer and other Aiki-based approaches and exercises. Ki Meditation and Focusing are also used to enable you to get more insights from the practice. The lab can be two hours, half a day or a full day.

In his book “Winning is Healing”, Paul Linden explains “By experimenting with simple movement situations, you can discover the nature of the beliefs and strategies that underlie your actions. You can evaluate the efficacy of your choices, discover why you have become committed to them, and try out new movements and new ways of approaching the world. This learning is what will lead to personal and spiritual change”.

This summarize the philosophy of this embodiment lab.