Aikilab – Aikido seminar

Aikido without forms (Aikilab) – Aikido seminar with Hans de Win Sensei

Aikido without forms or Aikilab is not an Aikido-style but a way of interacting on the mat, in which being connected is the major purpose. This enables Aikido that spontaneously arises from the connection between the attacker and the person under attack. When you trust the connection, you can react in a non-violent way and support the attacker, therefore it is not necessary to use techniques.

Please see the presentation here :

Under-titles in English, please press CC.

On video, this way of doing aikido looks very simple, but on the mat many people find it very difficult not to fight or flight. In this masterclass, Hans will show us several ways to feel aiki-flow while under attack. Step by step and in various ways you will experience what you see on the videos.

Hans is interested in aikido with and without techniques. He is inspired by Corky Quakenbush sensei and his Aiki Lab teachings. But, unlike Corky, Hans is interested in techniques as well as Takemusu aikido. He sees techniques not as a way to defend yourself, but as a way to learn about the human body and to train and develop ourselves as human beings.

With techniques we explore movement, connection and relationship in a broader, more athletic way. Each technique has its own areas of concern with matching challenges. The challenge is not to throw a partner or to do the technique properly. The challenges are to stay connected with your partner while you and your partner move harmoniously in the way the technique proposes, meanwhile maintaining a healthy, open posture and a good attitude while engaging in attack or technique. Learning by techniques asks for a different kind of ukemi then Takemusu aikido.

You can see this approach in more detail on the video at 3:58 :

In this seminar, there will be a big variety of exercises. it is useful whatever Aikido practice you have.

Who is Hans de Win ?

Hans is a Dutch Aikido teacher. He has a wide interest in aikido. He is not interested in aikido for aikido. He is more interested in life and aikido gives him a way to investigate life and understand better how we work as human beings.

Hans has its own aikido school in Holland, Saam. He teaches two groups, of which one is 50+. Next to aikido, he has developed a non-aikido course in which connection is the central theme. This course helps people to understand the way a human being works. It helps people when they experience difficulties in relationships.

Hans started his aikido-training in Goes, the Netherlands with Dagmar van der Velde. She was a student of Yoshigasaki sensei whose teacher was Tohei sensei. Hans is influenced by Yoshigasaki sensei and other teachers, like Corky Quakenbusch and Paul Linden.

What is the purpose of this seminar ?

The purpose of the seminar is :

  • to let you discover Aikido without forms (‘Aikilab’).
  • to discover how to bridge Aikilab with Aikido techniques

Who is this for?

  • Practionners in Aikilab, Aikido or Kinomichi wanting to discover how you to connect Aikido with techniques and Aikido without forms. (Feel free to invite practice partners or Aikido friends that could be interested by this practice.)


The seminar takes place in English. We can provide explanations in French and Dutch if needed. Full translation won’t be provided.

Place of the workshop

The workshop is going to take place in our Dojo des Anges in Liège. Our dojo is located in the botanic garden area of Liege, a beautiful, calm and easily accessible area of Liege. We are also a 12″ minutes walk from the Liège-Guillemins, the main train station in Liège.

Liège (Luik, Lüttich) is centrally located in Europe (30 min. from Aachen or Maastricht and 2h30 from Paris by high speed train). It is well served by public transport, motorways and airports. Liège is located 1h15 from Brussels Airport or Brussels Chalerloi.

Please see our information page on accomodation in Liège to let you choose a suitable venue for you.


  • Saturday, the 9th of May OR
  • June the 20th OR
  • July the 4th
  • from 10h30 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 16h30


Preferred price for a subscription and payment before or on the 7th of April 2020:

   Members of our asbl or of Ki No Kenkuyakai asbl: 30 euro per participant.

   Non members : 40 euro per participant.

Regular price after the 7th of April 2020:

   Members of our asbl or of Ki No Kenkuyakai asbl : 35 euro per participant.

   Non members : 45 euro per participant.

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