Cultivating Interpersonal Ease and Flow through Embodied Intelligence

August 30 – September 1
Liege, Belgium

A Live 3-Day Immersive Embodiment Workshop
Dylan Newcomb

Learn a set of core embodiment principles and practices that will empower you or your clients to quickly restore a balanced, more relaxed flow to your nervous systems, so you can enjoy personal or professional interactions in an easier, more connected and more rewarding way!

An embodied path to a balanced, relational flow…

As martial artists, coaches, helping professionals, parents…, we thrive on being able to make a real difference in the lives of others.

We regularly find ourselves trying to best support our students, clients… with the various relational challenges they’re experiencing. Even though we often do succeed in helping them in important ways, the deeper conditioned responses and patterns of dysregulation of their Autonomic Nervous System can remain not fully identified nor sufficiently repatterned at a core, sensorimotor level.

Using a set of eight core body postures, vowel sounds and guiding concepts, UZAZU Embodied Intelligence empowers you with a highly integrative model and method to understand exactly where & how someone’s capacity to thrive is being compromised, and then gives you the know-how and tools to help your clients shift into deeply coherent, regulated flow-states.

Also, attending to your OWN energy and inner-coherence while remaining highly attuned to the Other, is key to avoiding burnout as a coach, therapist or trainer. Then, being able to quickly and easily ‘switch modes’ after a session or training and come back into your ‘non-facilitator self’ is an under-acknowledged challenge for many.

UZAZU Embodied Intelligence training efficiently and effectively teaches you how to better manage your own attention, energy and inner well-being from the inside out, while simultaneously connecting and interacting with others.

What will I get :

In this three-day workshop, you will: 

  • Learn a simple process you can do before your client sessions and/or group facilitation to ensure you can deeply connect, in a relaxed way, while still ‘staying clean’ energetically. Become skilled at identifying exactly where & how the interpersonal flow of energy and awareness is being blocked or distorted. You’ll also learn 4 core methods—and clear protocols you can do with clients—to quickly shift these imbalanced states into a more easeful, empowered, and connected place.
  • Learn to use the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence Short Assessment to quickly gain a clear, holistic understanding of where & how your client tends to lose their capacity to remain well-regulated and empowered—both personally and interpersonally—and have a roadmap for how to bring them back into balance. (This simple, integrative assessment reveals & interconnects people’s Attachment Style, Emotional Self-Regulation, Self-efficacy, and Interaction tendencies and grounds them in a relatable, embodied framework.)
  • Be guided through UZAZU’s simple Embodied Self-Assessment process so you can clearly identify your own deeper-level preferences, patterns and potential ‘imbalances’ in how you tend to manage your own attention and energy while interacting with others.
  • Discover how relating with others can become simpler, easier and more natural, by grounding into the body in specific ways that activate and free-up your embodied intelligence and allow you to stop over-thinking things so much and taking things ‘personally’—so you can simply BE more joyfully in the flow of the moment together.
  • Learn 2 simple & safe (yet very powerful) protocols you can do with your clients (and yourself!) to help them quickly shift into a much clearer differentiation and connection between Self and Other. (This is especially effective in helping clear up long-standing unconscious patterns of enmeshment with parents and other close relations!)
  • Learn to work skillfully with a core set of eight simple body postures to help your clients balance & integrate the various dysregulated states they may be experiencing and to integrate these more securely self-regulated and empowering states into their daily lives.
  • Become equipped to give your clients highly targeted, embodied ‘homework’ exercises (using the same simple eight postures) they can easily practice at home to gradually repattern their specific imbalances and keep integrating and growing—beyond their 1-1 sessions with you.
  • Learn a simple, 15-minute embodiment practice, modeled on the natural stages of human development, that can deeply repattern how you hold your feelings, form your thoughts, take action, and connect with others.
  • Learn how to apply what you learn through UZAZU’s Embodied Intelligence Self-Assessment process to improve how you manage your own attention, nervous system regulation, and body language while interacting with your clients—so you can experience a more easeful and effective flow in your sessions and come away feeling more inspired and less drained.
  • Leave with a mini-booklet filled with precise descriptions, photos, and the exact steps of each intervention you learn, so you can immediately start practicing and using with your clients what you’ve learned in the workshop.

About the teacher

Dylan Newcomb is a mind-body researcher, coach, teacher, and founder/director of the UZAZU Embodied Intelligence method. He helps coaches, therapists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and cultural creatives of all kinds optimize their mind-body-awareness connection so they can more effortlessly experience the kinds of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that help them thrive in their personal and professional relationships and take joyful, effective action on their authentic inspirations.

Dylan spent the first fifteen years of his adulthood as a dancer, choreographer, and composer. He studied both dance and music composition at the Juilliard School in New York City, danced with the Netherlands Dance Theater before going on to enjoy a successful, multi-award-winning career as a freelance choreographer & composer.

Driven by an interest to understand the deeper effects of sound and movement on people’s experience, behavior, and relational dynamics, Dylan co-founded the Danslab Institute for Movement Research in 2003. After several years of research into how vowel sounds affect people’s thought, emotion and behavior, Dylan began shaping his sound-movement research findings into a model—and a method—for helping people quickly shift their inner states.

Over the past 16 years now, Dylan has taught his unique approach to embodiment training, currently called UZAZU Embodied Intelligence, to over 3,000 students across 4 continents. He has trained coaches, therapists, group facilitators, policemen, doctors, and business leaders in how to quickly balance their inner states to bring more ease and flow to their engagement in the world. Dylan is increasingly recognized as one of the leaders in the space of bringing the science and practice of embodiment-based personal development into the 21st Century. Dylan lives with his wife Kyung-sun Baek and their daughter Kiana in Freeport Maine, USA.

Location of the workshop

The workshop is going to take place in our Dojo des Anges in Liège. Our dojo is located in the botanic garden area of Liege, a beautiful, calm and easily accessible area of Liege. We are also a 12″ minutes walk from the Liège-Guillemins, the main train station in Liège.

Liège (Luik, Lüttich) is centrally located in Europe (30 min. from Aachen or Maastricht and 2h30 from Paris by high speed train). It is well served by public transport, motorways and airports. Liège is located 1h15 from Brussels Airport or Brussels Chalerloi.

Please see our information page on accomodation in Liège to let you choose a suitable venue for you.


Friday the 30th of August 2019 to Sunday the 1st of September
from 09h30 to 13h00 and 14h30 to 18h00

Registration & payment

We only intend to cover our costs for this workshop. The prices are set to make it possible for Dylan NewComb to come and give his teaching in Belgium. Dylan comes from the US so a lot of expenses must be covered ! This will be his first time in Belgium. Any profits we are going to make eventually will be used to support the development our our activities, mainly Ki Aikido development.

Please note that we offer several registration options to make it possible for everybody to attend depending on their financial means while covering the costs and teaching fee of the trainer Dylan Newcomb. The individual person and register with a partner options are only valid for individual non professional persons. Hence, no invoice, receipt or certificate of attendance or other will be made for those categories.

  Early bird registration and payment (registration
before or on the 4th of August and payment received before or on the 6th of August) :

  • 750 euro per person (private or public company) (group discount possible if you register 5+ persons, please write us)
  • 575 euro per person (Professional, personal business)
  • 500 euro per person (Professional, personal business, register with a partner, not yet registered)
  • 425 euro per person (individual person)
  • 375 euro per person (register with a partner, not yet registered)

  Late registration and payment (registration and/or payment received after the 4th of August or 6th of August respectively):

  • 895 euro per person (private or public company) (group discount possible if you register 3+ persons, please write us)
  • 675 euro per person (professional, personal business) (group discount possible if you register 3+ persons, please write us)
  • 600 euro per person (Professional, personal business, register with a partner, not yet registered)
  • 475 euro per person (individual person)
  • 425 euro per person (register with a partner, not yet registered)

The price is for the seminar fee only. We don’t offer drinks, snacks or meals. Please bring your own drink and some snack if you need for the pauses.

Registration deadline : 20/08/2019, Payment deadline : 23/08/2019
The workshop is full now ! We open a waiting list if we have last minute cancellations. You can fill a registration form, but please delay your payment, until you got a confirmation from us that we can still accept your registration.

If you are interested to join a next session, please send us a mail.

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