Discovering how to connect to self and your partner through Tango and Ki Aikido Principles

Would you like:

  • To discover about mind-body coordination and a strength you didn’t know you possessed when your mind is working in a unified way with your body
  • To discover a way to be more connected to yourself and your partner ?
  • To feel the joy of feeling in harmony in the dance as a couple ?
  • To reflect on your experience and learn from it using Interactive Focusing ?
  • To have fun walking and dancing on the music ?

If yes, then, we have a workshop for you!


The program of the workshop is the following:

  • Learn briefly about the history of Tango (also called Argentine Tango or Rioplatense Tango)  and the principles of Ki Aikido
  • Discover how to be more centered in yourself and the power it brings for yourself in everyday life and in Tango
  • Learn about your space and how to create a connection
  • Discover about leading, following and listening with your body
  • Learn how to be connected to your partner while staying in connection with yourself (the abrazo and the axis / eje)
  • Discover how to use Interactive Focusing to reflect upon the practice with your partner, get new insights for you and share your experience in a deeper way
  • Get a sense of how to be in a good relationship in Tango and in life


This workshop blends the power of Ki Aikido principles for feeling more centered with the concepts of Argentine Tango for being in connection in an harmonious way. Ki Aikido and Tango lets our body experience new ways of being. Focusing and Interactive Focusing, a mindful body-mind meditation approach, is going to be used to enable you to get new insights from the practice.

For who is this?

The workshop is for anybody who would like to discover Argentine Tango in a mindful way. This workshop is also for people who would like to discover how to connect better to self and others through Ki Aikido principles and Tango.


Magdalena Marsiglia is a social worker specialised in working with communities, families and children in vulnerable situations. Magdalena has learned to dance Tango in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. She first practiced the classical Tango that was danced in her family and then she has been practicing Argentine Tango since for more than ten years.

Olivier Gourmet is a senior business executive, coach and trainer specialised in management consulting, collective intelligence and leadership development. Olivier is a Certified Focusing Trainer since 2002 and Certifying Focusing Coordinator for Belgium and Luxembourg since 2011. He has also been practising Aikido for more than fifteen years and Argentine Tango for more ten years. He blends those practices to develop innovative coaching services and trainings.


  • Saturday, the 1st of December from 10h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 17h00


   De Binnentuin, Spoorwegstraat 8, 3370 Boutersem, Belgium.


The workshop is being taught in English. The trainer has a basic knowledge of Flemish/Dutch. Explanations in Flemish can be provided by our host when present. Explanations in French, Spanish and German can also be provided if needed. Exercises can always be done in the language of your choice.


Preferred price for a subscription and payment before or on the 16th of November 2018:

   110 euro per participant

Regular price after the 16th of November 2018:

   125 euro per participant

The price includes the workshop fee, coffee-tea pastries breaks and a light lunch.

You don’t need to register with a partner (spouse or not) for the workshop. It is better if you do but it isn’t required any more. If you don’t, you will work with another participant. If the group is un-even, you might work with several partners or be an observer for part of the time. We will build the workshop so that everybody can have the best of it in each configuration.


None. A Level 1 in Focusing is suggested but not needed.

Testimonials from participants who took the workshop before

“-Best way to learn tango
– Great way to feel the connection with yourself and your partner
– Lovely way to spend some quality time together”

“Teaches you everything you need to know to enjoy dancing, which you won’t find in regular courses !”
(man participant in Bierbeek on the 2nd of June)

“if you like dancing and would like to feel more connection with your partner, it is very nice to do together” (V. D.)

“That workshop gives a good understanding of how to start and get connected (Of course, it’s all that, that what most workshops I know are not doing)” (L. B.)

“The right way to initiate Tango”
(man participant in Bierbeek on the 2nd of June)

More information

If you need more information about the content of the workshop in Flemish/Dutch, please email Jessica Delooz on or call at 0476/56.68.24.

If you need more information about the content of the workshop in English, please e-mail us.


This workshop is going if we have at least 6 people (3 couples)
and we limit the workshop to 12 people (6 couples).

To register, please, send us an e-mail at :


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